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Thứ Hai, 23 tháng 10, 2017

Admission requirements to study in the Netherlands

Little known to French students, the Netherlands offers a very diversified choice of courses. Although the Dutch language represents a real obstacle for some, the country is very open to foreign cultures and languages, including English and German. There are even more than 1,500 programs in English. Studying in the Netherlands can only be a wise choice!
In general, the Dutch higher education system is reputed to be very good. The country adopts a binary system, consisting of Professional Schools (hogescholen) (offering a degree comparable to a degree) and universities. These institutions are subject to European standards, that is to say to the Bologna agreement, offering Bachelor's degree (3 years), Master (1 to 2 years) and PhD (4 years).
Major schools and institutions
The Netherlands has 41 professional colleges and 18 universities offering numerous programs. The majority of these universities are in the "Top 500 Universities" (on a global scale). If you plan to study in the Netherlands, here are the 5 most important universities to focus on:
University of Amsterdam
Leiden University
Leiden University
Utrecht University
Delft University of Technology
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Exit the entrance exams! To study in the Netherlands, you only need to have a general baccalaureate and follow the steps of admission step by step.
Before worrying about entry formalities in the Netherlands, you must first concentrate on the formalities of entry to universities. The first thing to do is to register on the portal of the chosen university or on the portal, and to send the requested documents to the school.
Be careful, this step is crucial! Make sure that all required documents have been attached to your file. Also, ask your future institution whether or not to translate the requested documents into English.
It should be noted that students wishing to enter a course in English must have a prior language score TOEFL (+/- 550) or IELTS (+/- 6).

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