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Thứ Hai, 23 tháng 10, 2017

Conditions of admission and registration in the Netherlands

To be admitted to higher education in the Netherlands, you must go directly to the institution of your choice (see the list attached) but the application must also be sent to the National Office. 
'Registration of students. 
All registrations in the Netherlands in higher education are made on the websites of the selected institutions. If the student wishes to communicate with the institute, it is possible to contact a university advisor responsible for recruiting foreign students. Communication is usually by email rather than telephone. Admission requirements are set at the institute level: - You must hold a secondary school diploma at the appropriate level, and recognized as equivalent to the diploma awarded to Dutch students: - In certain disciplines, the profile of your baccalaureate must be correspond to the discipline of your choice (eg economic bac for the sectors "economy, management etc.). The equivalence of the Moroccan diploma: After sending the file to the university of his choice, the equivalence of the Moroccan diploma will have to be made in the Netherlands, generally, at the expense of the university in question. It is also possible to obtain an equivalence before registration by contacting this organization: In this case, the equivalency fees are the responsibility of the student. • 
Some popular disciplines are subject to a numerus clausus. In addition, certain programs of studies - the arts in particular - are the subject of special conditions (competition, selection, presentation of previous work) of admission fixed by the institutions themselves. Institution Admissions Offices may provide applicants with details of admissions procedures. 
Registration fee: 
Registration fees can vary greatly between different educational institutes: about 5000 euros for a one-year Bachelor's degree at an "HBO" up to 9,000 euros for some specialized university masters. 
Program prices in English are available on the website: 
The registration certificate is only issued once the tuition fees have been paid. Visa requirements Moroccan students need an authorization called "Machtiging tot Voorlopig Verblijf" (MVV), to obtain a residence permit for studies in the Netherlands. The teaching institute of your registration is responsible for starting the visa application procedure from the Netherlands. There is currently an accelerated procedure for students. Nevertheless, it is advisable to inquire as soon as possible about the necessary documents to provide. For the list of documents to provide for a temporary residence permit (MVV), consult the website of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Immigration Service www.ind. nl • Please note: This authorization is the only official paper that entitles you to obtain a residence permit. Once in the Netherlands, the student must go to the Aliens Service of the local police station within three days to apply for a Verblijfsvergunning residence permit.

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