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Thứ Bảy, 21 tháng 10, 2017

Finance your studies in the Netherlands

The cost of living in Amsterdam is relatively lower than in Paris, and in other European capitals. However, you should expect to spend a significant portion of your income on housing. The monthly average for student accommodation varies from 250 to 400 euros. Plan a minimum budget of 700 euros per month, this may vary depending on the city in which you live, and leisure you have.

Some indicative prices:

- Coffee: 1.50 €

- Movie ticket: 7.50 € without reduction

- Meals in a standard restaurant: from 10 to 20 euros

Financial aid
- Discounts

The ISIC card (International Student Identity Card), priced at € 13 will allow you to enjoy many benefits and discounts. To know these discounts and order the map from France go to But the student card is also widely accepted. As in France, there are many preferential rates for under-26s, even non-students.

- Scholarships

If you go to the Netherlands with the Erasmus program, be aware that you will benefit from a mobility grant of around € 100 if your stay exceeds 3 months. This scholarship can be more important if you are already a fellow on social criteria. Contact the International Relations Department of your French university directly.

The general and regional councils also provide various student grants, in the form of scholarships or 0% loans.

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs also offers scholarships including the Lavoisier Scholarship which supports research, study, advanced or specialization stays and additional European training. Go to the "Study Abroad" section on

There are also numerous scholarships for specific courses offered by the Government of the Netherlands. NUFFIC has set up a search engine called "Grantfinder", which provides information on scholarship opportunities. Click here to view it. Other avenues exist such as the EOLE scholarships of the French-Dutch Network (RFN).

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