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Thứ Bảy, 21 tháng 10, 2017

Local scholarships for foreign students

The fact that a degree from a university in the Netherlands is internationally recognized is not the only reason why this magnificent country is a popular place for students from all over the world. The Netherlands also has a wide variety of scholarships available for international studies, combined with extremely low tuition. All in all, this makes the Netherlands an ideal place to study without breaking the bank. Universities are one of the most common places where scholarships are given through. In addition, scholarships like Netherlands Stock Exchange, Talent for the Governance Scholarship and Amsterdam Scholarship are available to foreign students. In addition, Chinese students are open to apply for the bilateral Sino-Dutch exchange for excellence and scholarships for Indonesian students.
In collaboration with sixty other countries, the Netherlands Scholarship Program is among the largest government bases for scholarships in the Netherlands. Its funding comes from Dutch ministries of foreign affairs, and it is run by the organization that deals with the international involvement of higher education in the Netherlands. The Netherlands Scholarship Program sees thousands of applications on an annual basis. However, only a small number of students in the Netherlands is able to obtain this scholarship. Universities in the Netherlands are also very important contributors to the stock market pool. Many offer scholarships from the ranks and others come from talents or other achievements. This includes private and public universities in the Netherlands. It is important to note that scholarships offered in general from universities do not cover the full costs of tuition fees and also, may not account for living or other expenses.

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