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Chủ Nhật, 22 tháng 10, 2017

Master Degrees in the Netherlands 2017/2018 (Part 1)

Higher Education
The Netherlands offers Bachelor, Master and PhD. Diplomas are offered in two major categories:
1. Programs focused on research in research universities. Research universities are institutions with general programs and those specializing in fields such as engineering and agriculture.
2. Professional higher education programs at Applied Sciences Universities. Universities offering applied science programs prepare students to work in certain professions, such as the arts or quality education.
All master's programs require a license degree upon admission. A bachelor's degree from a research-based program is required for admission to a research-oriented program at the master's level, but applicants with a bachelor's degree in an applied science program may be admitted they fulfill the additional conditions.
Why study in the Netherlands?
Studying in the Netherlands brings exceptional value through a combination of low tuition, leading universities, and a multicultural lifestyle that encompasses international students. In 2012, Dutch universities held 12 of the top 200 positions in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.
Although Dutch-speaking students prefer to enroll in a program taught in Dutch, many programs in the Netherlands are taught in English. Foreign students are welcome and represent about 13 percent of students in the country. In addition, some institutions offer programs designed specifically for international students. Any Dutch institution that recruits international students must adhere to a code of conduct that covers the counseling and selection of these students.The most popular degree programs for international students are in economics, engineering, science social and languages.
Opportunities for higher education
Once graduated, students receive a degree that indicates their degree as well as a description of the degree program so that potential employers in the country of origin of the foreign student can understand the degree. In addition, all foreign students can stay in the Netherlands until one year after graduation to seek employment. There are no restrictions on job opportunities during this year. Graduates are also encouraged to apply for doctoral programs or research positions.

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