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Thứ Bảy, 21 tháng 10, 2017

Obtaining your own college scholarships

If from your first year of university or position on the way to a master's or doctorate, the Netherlands count a multitude of scholarships offered. This large number of scholarships is exceptionally necessary because of the high number of international and international students pursuing their higher education in the Netherlands.

General situation regarding scholarships
Students in the Netherlands, whether members of the EU or from another country, are able to take advantage of a wide range of scholarships. With the European Union, private organizations and also the Dutch government, which offers scholarships, there is not a shortage as regards the availability of funding for his studies. The search for scholarships in the Netherlands is made easy through the Nuffic database (Netherlands Organization for International Cooperation in Higher Education). Here, students benefit from access to scholarship information, criteria that must be met to be eligible for scholarships, application dates and also the application process. Some fellowships are specific to a certain field of study, others are only a few years old and scholarships are also available in the Netherlands for the whole of his study, whatever the field of involvement and curriculum.

Type of scholarship and conferring institution
Two of the main program grants include the MENA Scholarship Program and the Netherlands Scholarship Programs. These scholarships are also offered to foreign students and are funded by the Dutch government. The Netherlands is also home to a wide variety of different scholarship institutions. Government, businesses and even universities are great places to turn to when looking for a scholarship to the Netherlands. Among these are the HSP Huygen program led by the Minister of Education, Culture and Science.

Availability and conditions to obtain a scholarship
There is no shortage of scholarships in the Netherlands. The country, the Dutch government, individual organizations, universities and private organizations all offer scholarships to international students and scholarships to study in the Netherlands are quite easy to obtain. However, it should not be overlooked that many of these fellowships do not cover the full cost of the study in the country. As some scholarships take in matters of housing, travel and school exam, others focus solely on covering tuition fees. The conditions under which a student becomes eligible to receive a scholarship in the Netherlands varies according to the organization at which the scholarship is awarded as well as the type of scholarship itself. Country of citizenship, age, field of study but also degree, all play a role in what constitutes a candidate whether there is place or not. In addition, one of the key factors is typically grades. A large number of scholarships in the Netherlands are offered for excellence and so, CP CE1 also play a role in its eligibility.

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