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Thứ Hai, 23 tháng 10, 2017

Scholarships: Up to 100% tuition fee, low cost, simple VISA

Study abroad is a hot trend because of affordable tuition, high scholarships, simple procedures, visa policy is beneficial for international students.

The Netherlands, the country of tulips, windmills and wooden clogs, has attracted hundreds of tourists around the world. It is also famous for its lush greenery, tranquility and the most developed economy in Europe.
Come to the Netherlands you will feel the best learning environment, especially the quality of training of the public universities of the Netherlands such as Amsterdam, Saxion, Fontys, Rotterdam, HAN, Wittenborg , Stenden, Nyenrode Business, Groningen, Wageninge, Tilburg ....
VISCO will continue to enroll students in Pre-university, Pre-Masters, Bachelor, and Master programs in September with a scholarship of up to 100% tuition fees.
Studying in the Netherlands is a top concern of students with the policy of scholarship of the government and of the schools. List of tuition fees and scholarships for study in the Netherlands:
University Tuition (EUR) Scholarship Scholarship
Saxion 7.800 100% tuition fee for the University Program 1/5
HAN 7200 EUR 5,000 for the University Program 1/4
Rotterdam 9000 EUR 3,000 for the master program 1/5
Stenden 7,800 EUR for the University Program 1/5
Fontys 6.500 EUR 5,000 for the University Program 1/5
Witterborg 7500 EUR 1,500 for the University Program 1/5
The Hague 8000 EUR 5,000 for the University Program 1/5
Radboud 8,000 80% tuition fee for Bachelor's and Master's programs
Tilburg 8,000 EUR 5,000 for the Master program 1/4
CEG - Amsterdam 16,550 35% tuition fee for pre-university, postgraduate
Advantages of studying in the Netherlands:
+ Low tuition fees due to the support of the Government.
+ Courses are taught entirely in English
+ Curriculum based on the European credit system, international degree.
+ Simple visa procedures, do not require financial proof. Schengen visa, free travel throughout Europe
In 2013, the visa policy of the Netherlands has changed for the benefit of students: Students are granted residence permit for the whole course, do not need to do visa extension procedures as the years ago.
+ Students are allowed to work more than 10 hours per week during school hours and full time on public holidays
+ Graduates are allowed to stay in the Netherlands for one year to find a job
- Students studying in the Netherlands are offered a one-year or one-year course at universities in the UK, France, Germany and Ireland.
- Especially: students who are in their second, third or college years in Vietnam can study 1-2 years in the Netherlands to receive a bachelor degree. This is a very good opportunity for Vietnamese students, saving both costs and saving time learning, international qualifications.

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