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Thứ Bảy, 21 tháng 10, 2017

Student accommodation in the Netherlands

Student accommodation in the Netherlands 
Student accommodation in the NetherlandsIt is difficult to find quality student accommodation during your studies in the Netherlands, the fault of an offer well below the demand. Every year, many Dutch students find it difficult to find a place to live near their school. Fortunately, international students can benefit from reserved places in university residences, but still in short supply.
A Dutch specificity that we find less often in other countries is the selection between young people. Thus, the elders already living in the dwelling select interviewing newcomers to discuss whether they wish to live with or not. The demand is important, it can happen that as for a job, there are about ten or twenty candidates for a single place.
This solution is almost exclusively concerned with private housing. If after a few days or weeks no candidate has been selected, the owner often takes the initiative to choose one without the agreement of the current occupants.
Accessibility of housing in Dutch student cities:
In larger student cities, such as Amsterdam, Utrecht or Rotterdam, it is difficult to find an affordable student residence. Indeed, if in some cases the rent may seem rather low, it must also take into account a maximum of criteria, namely the amount of rent but also additional expenses such as gas, electricity, water.
Also, find out if the accommodation already has all the necessary equipment so that you can settle in without having too many additional purchases to make. According to the latest statistics, the cost of housing in large cities is rising, with an average rent of 345 euros per month. But the supply of student housing has also increased considerably, and will continue in this direction in the years that follow.
The different types of housing in the Netherlands:
Find a student accommodation in HollandEach type of accommodation has its advantages and disadvantages, but their common point and you will have to be in share in the majority of cases!
In the case of university residences managed by your institution, the majority of them offer individual rooms in a shared apartment with a dozen students. Some of the rooms are shared, like the kitchen, the living room, sometimes the toilet or the bathroom, but many rooms have their own bathroom. The apartments and residences are shared between men and women, without distinction, but you can ask to live in a unisex environment if you really care about it.
The offer being what it is in the Netherlands, if your university offers you a place in one of his residences do not refuse where you may regret later. For more information on the steps and housing offered by your institution, it is up to you to contact them as soon as possible once your letter of admission received.
In terms of private housing, the offer is very varied and you can find everything. It exits roommates with more than 15 students as a simple apartment with 2 people living together. In any case, in some cities like Amsterdam, the supply of housing is not enough, so do not miss a good opportunity!
And do not forget, a selection can be done by the members already living in the home that you covet, it is cultural and you will not be able to do anything if they do not accept you.

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