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Thứ Bảy, 21 tháng 10, 2017

The steps to apply for a university in the Netherlands:

Two solutions are available to those wishing to send their application to higher education institutions in the Netherlands, each depending on the system set up by the institution.

Thus, some universities ask students to apply via their website, by registering via their portal. This is particularly the case of the University of Leiden or Groningen.
But the majority of universities use "Studielink", a global registration portal with a large number of courses available in the Netherlands.
What registration solutions to use and how?
The choice of registration system does not depend on you, but the development of "Studielink" leads more and more institutions to turn to this solution. In any case, the requirements when designing your file are similar. The following documents are therefore necessary:
Your Bachelor's degree for a Bachelor program
A License or equivalent for a Master program
Good command of English (TOEFL Ibt, minimum 80)
A photo ID to download online or to attach to your paper file
Some universities ask for additional documents:
A Curriculum Vitae (CV) or a summary of past experiences
An Essay that takes the form of a cover letter in English
Letters of recommendation ("references") from teachers and / or employers
Some additional tips for building your file:
It is not normally necessary to translate your French documents into English, as the vast majority of institutions in the Netherlands can find a member who can understand them. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to contact the institution before sending your file to make sure they accept the documents in French.
Universities base their decision solely on the information you have provided them. They may contact you for more information, but an incomplete file is often missed. Do not forget any documents and find out from the institutions when setting up your file!

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