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Chủ Nhật, 22 tháng 10, 2017

What are the tuition fees for higher education in Holland?

Fees for universities in the Netherlands
The Netherlands has a policy of social openness for higher education, so the fees charged are relatively low for a European country, although they increase every year.
European students enjoy the same tuition fees as Dutch students, but young people who do not have European nationality pay much more for their education!

Registration fees in the Netherlands for 2012-2013:
As for the majority of countries, tuition fees in the Netherlands increase slightly each year. Thus, for the year 2012 -2013, the universities ask 1771 euros of registration fees to join a program, whether Bachelor or Master.
Programs dedicated to PhD research are excluded because financial support (scholarships, project funding) offered by the state varies by program and institution. It's up to you to find out when you register according to the institutions you are applying for.
Beware, some special programs taught in English or some private universities may charge a lot more, with fees sometimes going up to over 12,000 euros a year. When applied science universities are more professionally oriented, part of their Master programs cost more or less 7000 euros a year.
In the end, nearly 80% of the programs offered in English or Dutch have registration fees around 1750 euros, but the remaining 20% ​​concern many exceptions with very variable costs. Get information for the programs that interest you, a quick glance on the website of the establishment will often give you all the necessary answers regarding the fees at the entrance of the training.
How to pay your registration fees to your institution?
University registration fees in the Netherlands When you register for "Studielink", you can indicate the method of payment you wish to use once received at one of the Dutch institutions. There are several authorized payment methods:
A classic online payment by credit card
A Bank transfer
On-site cash payment with receipt
Payment can be done in one or more times throughout the year. It is distributed at the end of each period of the university calendar in the Netherlands, ie 4 different periods: November, January, March and May.
Attention, in the majority of the cases the payment must be done before September 1st of the current year, ie at least the first payment, in order to definitively validate your registration with the establishment!
In the event that you have to pay in several installments, you may be asked for additional fees and / or a relatively low interest rate as compensation.

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