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Thứ Hai, 23 tháng 10, 2017

Why choose the Netherlands to furrther your education?

The Netherlands is considered by students, especially Europeans, as a welcoming and sufficiently equipped destination in terms of education. The universities, the procedures, the student life and the budget necessary to settle on the spot, here is all you need to know to succeed in your studies in the Netherlands.

Study in the Netherlands
In the Netherlands, it is possible to study in the framework of a classical academic program by integrating one of the 15 universities of the country. You can also access other types of structures such as "Universities of Applied Sciences" which, they, provide vocational training.
Going to the Netherlands: what you need to know
The country offers an ideal setting for students from all over the world thanks to easy entry formalities, supervised student life and renowned quality courses.
The formalities
Euro-zone nationals can enter with a simple passport or identity card. However, any foreigner must apply for a visa with the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service in order to stay more than 3 months.
The diplomas
The Universities of the Netherlands have adopted the Bachelor (3 years) and Master (1 or 2 years) system. French doctorate level diplomas are less widespread. Private programs or "Hogescholen" issue, however, engineering degrees (4 to 6 years).
The Netherlands does not practice the system of official recognition of diplomas. Many decisions are made on the basis of the information provided and on a case-by-case basis. The ideal is therefore to inquire beforehand with the establishment on which one depends.
Student life in the Netherlands
It is quite difficult to find a student accommodation in the Netherlands. The simplest is to turn to university residences, which are run by schools. Each foreign student can therefore benefit from the help of his university to generally obtain a single room.
Moreover, knowledge of Dutch is not really an obligation. But having a good level of English is essential in everyday life.
The most popular cities in the Netherlands
For students and especially those who benefit from the Erasmus program, the choice of the city depends primarily on the desired training, and often the quality of student life!
Ranking of student cities
Here are the 3 best Dutch cities that are popular with foreign students:
Amsterdam: The megalopolis has many cultural activities and leisure activities for young people.
Utrecht: This big cosmopolitan city with a very remarkable student presence attracts a lot for its many activities.
Eindhoven: This city is popular for its affordable standard of living and particularly lively nightlife.
Resources for studying in the Netherlands
The funding of studies in the Netherlands is not to be taken lightly. The ideal is to leave as part of an exchange or a scholarship. However, it is possible to go there by its own means, knowing that it will take about 1500 euros for the registration fee at the faculty. For other special programs, the cost can be around 12,000 euros per year.

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