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Thứ Tư, 25 tháng 4, 2018

Applying to study abroad - what no one is saying to you

Like the general spirit of the blog, this article is based entirely on my own experience, mostly experiences you can not easily find anywhere on the internet. I myself have experienced this when applying last year and luckily got to the final step. We hope that these sharing will be useful to you.

The first story

Last year, despite applying all eight schools, Radboud University is the most preferred school on all criteria. He graduated from the Foreign Trade University with a BA in Economics from International Business Economics, and applied MSc Economics in Radboud, majoring in International Economics & Business. Because universities in the Netherlands are very interested in the graduates of bachelors have the corresponding background to enter the master, so when the choice is very comfortable then.

In fact, the school then denied the offer and offered to pre-master a pre-master course. Since my intention is to study only one year (I choose Holland for this reason), more economic conditions do not allow to pay 2 years living expenses here so I had thought of all opportunities with Radboud and must choose another school. Luckily, there was one sister who shared her experience when she applied for a master's degree at another very prestigious school, even though she lacked some GMAT scores. But after she presented her school, she eventually received admission. . This information is like the light at the end of the tunnel with me. I immediately sent an email to the study advisor of your choice, presenting the following: (1) I am confident enough to have the necessary background knowledge to pursue my master's degree in international economics & business, (2) Personal financial conditions do not allow me to study for 2 years in the Netherlands, and (3) I really want to go to school. This email is very careful, sincere and enthusiastic, perhaps more human heart than motivation letter.

Although I sent the E-mail with no hope, but feedback I received very positive. The school said that it is possible to consider re-examining his or her records on the condition that they prove that they have enough knowledge of the university to study in the Netherlands. I have sent a very detailed course description of all the courses in Foreign Trade for four years, including all 140 credits. Fortunately, the council finally agreed to give me admission to study straight up master.

At the time of receiving an email refusing to learn master, I have consulted many people and it is common knowledge that Vietnamese students who apply to study master in the Netherlands will be taught directly (provided that it is not contrary to the field of higher education). So I think Radboud's refusal to be high is because there are not many Vietnamese students so the quality of their degrees from Vietnam is still new. For high school graduates, too, many universities in the Netherlands require them to complete at least one year of college in Vietnam when applying for a bachelor's degree in the Netherlands. Perhaps you understand well, the reason is generally because the Vietnamese qualifications are not recognized internationally.

From my own story, I have some advice for you: Dutch universities can make tough admission requirements, but they can also be flexible in some cases. They will not rigidly refuse when you present the problem, if you prove you are worthy of that opportunity, they will not hesitate to hand it over to you. So, do not give up easily if you are determined to give it all up. Try every possible way, ask people you know, sometimes you just know the right way (as your case is a sister gave you advice), you can completely reach the destination, whether it has a bit harder than people.

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