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Thứ Năm, 19 tháng 4, 2018

The greatest opportunity in all countries for scholarships

The Dutch government always has financial support policies in place to provide easier access for students from developing countries to Dutch higher education. The simplest and cheapest way to study in the Netherlands is to look for scholarship programs because the value of scholarships for students can be from 30% to 100%.

Many Scholarships are offered by the Orange Tulip Scholarship, Dutch Scholarship Scholarship and other Scholarships, such as: Global Management of Social Issues BSc Scholarship, ...

In the academic year 2017 - 2018, the Orange Tulip Scholarship for Dutch students from the universities for Vietnamese students reaches over 550,000 euros with 58 scholarships. The budget for each scholarship varies from school to school.

Holland Scholarship - A scholarship of up to € 5,000 per student in the first academic year is co-sponsored by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Science and Education and more than 48 universities. study in the Netherlands.

Approximately 768 attractive scholarships are waiting to be awarded to talented applicants who successfully apply for any university or master's degree at a Dutch university.

Read the scholarship information of the top 15 Dutch universities here

Conditions for Dutch Scholarship:

General conditions:

- Non-national students in the European Economic Area (EEA).

- Students with excellent academic results, GPA> 8.0

- IELTS minimum 6.0.

- Students enrolled in a full-time bachelor's or master's degree program of Dutch universities are on the list of 19 scholarships for the Orange Tulip Scholarship program and 48 schools in the program. Holland Scholarship.

Note: Each scholarship program has different eligibility requirements, so students must check details of their scholarship program.

Documents required to apply for the Orange Tulip Scholarship or Holland Scholarship.

- Orange Scholarship Scholarships or Holland Scholarship Scholarships.

- The Letter of Intent from Dutch Universities is on the list of 19 scholarships for Orange Tulip Scholarship and 48 Scholarships for Holland Scholarship.

- Curriculum vitae: All documents must be written in English and have photos on the CV.

Thus, with the advantages such as the quality of education leading the world, the level of tuition is not high, many valuable scholarship programs, the Netherlands is worthy of being a first choice for students with merit. outstanding learning and experience the most advanced teaching methods in the world in the Netherlands in the 2018 - 2019 school year.

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