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Thứ Tư, 25 tháng 4, 2018

The keys of choosing a university to apply for scholarship

In this article I will give you the method you have to choose the appropriate choice, this is a long article but expect you to read it carefully. The fact is that with endless information from the internet, you can easily find courses, scholarship information, introduce the school with just a few keywords. But controlling and organizing this information will determine the effectiveness of school choice.

I have the following 3 rules when looking for information:

Information on the school website is always the most reliable. In addition there are numerous consulting websites, providing information for study abroad but your advice is that you always compare what you read once again on the official website to ensure the accuracy and up-to-date. of that information. 

One example is that we have found a scholarship from BI Norwegian Business School online and are determined to apply until after reading the information from the school website. This scholarship is due to the budget issue. Another example is that many counseling websites offer only general information such as an IELTS requirement of at least 6.5, but when reading on the school website you know that the school also requires no component score below 6.

Always sort the readable information into an Excel file. Because after receiving enough information online, you will not be able to remember exactly what is the A school fee, what is the B school scholarship, or what is the C school deadline. Our experience is that when you go to a particular school website, or filter out the most important information to fill in an excel file, and you maintain that habit until you update enough information from your school. center. Here is an example excel file he made last year.

Always sort the readable information into an Excel file
Always sort the readable information into an Excel file

Having columns depends on the criteria you are interested in. You should also bold the important information. Once you have a full table, you will have a comparison and match your priorities to find the best school, as well as know what all the papers to apply and which school to submit first. so do not be late deadline.

Get more information from the school's alumni. I think that mastering information is very important. As noted above, I am interested in the accuracy of the information, but in addition I also care about its multi-dimensional. 

Reading the "testimonial" on the school website is one-sided, because that's all the words have wings plus the image of the students (usually) excel to PR for the school only. Most schools advertise their quality of education and research, dynamic international environment, student support services ... but you should have critical thinking when reading that information. Therefore, sharing from Vietnamese students who are and who have studied at the school will give you many references. The research universities usually have a very good overall ranking, but they are only strong in some departments. 

Do not be afraid to ask, because the practical experience (and blood) of the people ahead can even change your decision.
Once you know the three rules, I will introduce the criteria that you should consider and consider when deciding to apply a particular field.

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