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Thứ Năm, 19 tháng 4, 2018

The Scholarship of Wittenborg University

Wittenborg University is located in Apeldoom - one of the happiest cities in the Netherlands. With a good quality of education, facilities are constantly being invested, Wittenborg is the choice of many international students. In order to encourage and facilitate international students, the school offers a number of outstanding scholarships worth up to € 7,500 for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Holland Scholarship

This is a scholarship of up to 48 universities in the Netherlands from 2016. Accordingly, Wittenborg University will award 20 scholarships worth up to 5,000 Euros each year. Scholarships are available for both bachelor and master degree programs. Specifically:

+ Bachelor program: Students who do not have citizenship 1 in the countries of the European Union (eligible Vietnamese students), students enrolled for the first time in the program of the university and Have not studied in the Netherlands before, IELTS minimum 7.0 and GPA of at least 8.0.

Master's program: Students of non-European nationality, enrolled for the first time at a master's program in a non-Dutch university, minimum IELTS 7.0 and minimum university GPA. 8.0.

With only € 5 000 Orange Tulip Scholarship, there are only 2 scholarships per year for final year students enrolled in International Business Management and 7,500 Euros for 6 Masters programs. business administration. Scholarships are deducted directly from tuition fees. Specifically:

Scholarship eligibility:

+ Bachelor's program: Students who are outside of the European Union Eu, have not studied in the Netherlands, have a minimum IELTS 6.0 and have completed high school.

+ Master's program: In addition to nationality and no previous study in the Netherlands, IELTS 6.5 is required, with a relevant university degree and at least 2 years of work experience.

Scholarship Wittenborg University Fund

In addition to the two outstanding scholarship programs mentioned above, the Wittenborg University Fund is a scholarship. The scholarship program is divided into several categories:

+ Wittenborg Bronze Fund scholarships worth 500 Euro / year

+ Wittenborg Silver Fund Scholarships worth € 1,000 per year

+ The Wittenborg Gold Fund is worth € 1,500

Wittenborg Graduate Fund, a scholarship worth EUR 3,000 dedicated to the school's MBA program or the master's degree program at the University of Brighton.

Wittenborg University Fund grants are deducted directly from tuition fees, subject to the following basic conditions: satisfactory entry requirements, minimum IELTS 6.5, high school or university degree with a minimum GPA of 8.0. and a letter of recommendation from at least 2 trainers. Thus, during the school, excellent students will receive scholarships. The scholarship will be held once every two years

Wittenborg University, with its attractive scholarship programs, is well worth for your selection.

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